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Staff Spotlight: Sam Bowes!

Sam started out at Gateway Longview as part of the High Fidelity Wrap team. "She quickly became a highly effective Care Coordinator. Sam is respected by her colleagues here at Gateway Longview as well as her counterparts at Erie County," says Cathy Smith, Director of Preventative Services.

"Sam supports her families with energy and commitment. She always supports

the preventive services team by teaching others about Wrap, helping navigate technology, and providing a reason to smile when it is needed most."

Sam was recently promoted to Supervisor of our new Raise the Age Care Coordination program. She has hit the ground running, developing program procedures, and supporting staffing and training. Sam is a key part of our Preventive Services team!

We sat down (virtually) with Sam to learn about her Gateway Longview story. Along with her many talents, Sam has an adorable dog named Maggie and a handsome fiancé! Congrats on your new position Sam, you are #gatewaygreat!

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