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Community & Home Based Services

From time to time, we all deal with hardships we are not prepared for. During these critical times, challenges can impact the whole family. You don't have to go through hard times alone - when an advocate is needed, Gateway Longview's Community-Based teams are here to help. View our downloadable brochure here

Visiting families in the home, we offer resources and supports to help meet specific family needs. As partners, we develop a plan to overcome each challenge. We support realistic goals, and work to improve overall well-being and safety for the entire family. We work with families to protect, enrich and give hope.

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Our staff works with you and your family to be your:

• Partner that empowers strengths

• Resource to help you address specific needs

• Voice when faced with hardships

• Support to help keep your family intact

• Linkage to available services & resources


Our Community-Based Support Services are licensed by the New York State Offices of Child & Family Services, the New York State Office of Mental Health, and/or the Department of Health.

Our goal is keeping families together.

List Of Services & Contact

High Fidelity WRAP is built on the WRAP care model. Gateway Longview's caseworkers help you coordinate close supports (family, friends), system supports (teachers, doctors, counselors) and vendor supports. All work is aimed toward gaining and maintaining stability in your own home with your child. Families must be referred to services via Erie County. 

Contact: Cathy Smith 716.783.3100 ext. 3115

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services: "CFTSS" is a community based behavioral health program available to children/youth under the age of 21 who are eligible for Medicaid that need help with social, emotional, or have behavioral health challenges, or substance use issues. Services available include, but are not limited to, assessment, diagnosis, individual & family therapy, skill building, crisis intervention, psycho-education, and daily living skills. If your family has Medicaid and your child is between birth-21 you can call our program coordinator, to complete a referral.

Contact: 716.783.3378

Click CFTSS Brochure to learn more

Learn about CFTSS from our staff!

Children's Health Homes Care Management is a voluntary linkage and referral program that provides comprehensive care management services. Health Home Care Management is available to children/youth up to their 21st Birthday, who are eligible for Medicaid. We take a holistic approach by addressing the physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing of the enrolled youth. Your assigned care manager functions as a go-between for the identified youth and their providers, ensuring medical, mental health, and school providers are all on the same page regarding the member's needs. Overall goal of the program is to ensure children/youth stay healthy, out of the emergency room and out of the hospital.

Contact: Jessica Kline 716.783.3100 ext. 3150

Parent Training classes teach age specific health and safety lessons. Facilitators are certified in many different curriculum. The focus is on working with you to develop skills to play with, discipline, and interact with your children. Families must be referred to services via Erie County. Bilingual services are offered. 

Contact: 716.783.3100 ext. 3184

Preventive Kinship Care is a court appointed program. Gateway Longview caseworkers offer you resources, education, and support in your homes when you, as a grandparent or other relative, cares for your kin full-time. Families must be referred to services via Erie County.

Contact: 716.783.3100 ext. 3184

Raise the Age Care Coordination Raise the Age refers to reforms focused on diverting youth under 18 who committed non-violent crimes from the adult criminal justice system and providing them intervention and evidence-based treatment services. Families must be referred to services via Erie County.


Click Raise the Age Brochure to learn more

Intensive Preventive Services offers weekly support in homes. Gateway Longview caseworkers check in regularly to ensure safety and stability for children. You interact with your worker each week, until your specific goals are reached. Intensive Preventive Services helps with more complex issues. Families see or speak to their worker each day. Both levels of care are mandated by family court and must be referred by Erie County.

Contact: 716.783.3100 ext. 3184 

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation offers safe spaces where families who are apart can spend time with each other. Visits are overseen by caseworkers, who help with skill-building. Natural bonds between family members are also supported. Services are mandated by family court and must be referred by Erie County.

Contact: Alicia Dubel 716.783.3100 ext. 3190

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Behavioral Health Clinic

Gateway Longview’s Behavioral Health Clinic helps support a rapidly growing need in the community for comprehensive behavioral and mental health services for children and families. Our main clinic is centrally located in downtown Buffalo and we have successfully integrated mental health services into several school districts throughout Western New York. 


Approach To Care

At Gateway Longview, we believe that a solution-focused, trauma-informed care approach has the ability to strengthen the knowledge, competencies, skill sets, and engagement as we work with individuals impacted by trauma. We ensure that all services are client driven with access to early screening and comprehensive assessments.

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