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Upcoming Events

You're Invited!

Gateway Longview invites you to join in our upcoming events and activities! Save the Date for:


GIVE 716 DAY 2023

Donate to Gateway Longview Starting at 7:16pm on 7/16 to win one of a kind prizes while supporting our mission!

The Gateway Longview Family Resource Fund needs your support!


The Family Resource Fund assists our clients’ with basic needs as well as needs related to education, health and safety. The fund provides needed assistance to families that may be struggling, which can help lessen or remove barriers to success inside and outside the program. Your help will make a significant impact on the lives of youth and families in WNY!

Step Up Mental Health Challenge

Join us and STEP UP your support of Mental Health throughout the month of August completing challenges that improve YOUR mental health.

Registration opens July 24th

Give back while promoting physical and mental wellness this August. Click the 'Learn More' button for more information.

Adopt-An-Angel - November/December 

Gateway Longview is committed to the display of honest, ethical behavior in all interactions and are driven by core values of Integrity, Safety, Empowerment, Diversity and Collaboration. Gateway Longview’s continuum of care includes: behavioral health clinics, foster care and adoption, therapeutic supervised visitation, home-based preventive services, supervised independent living programs, a K-12 day school and a therapeutic pre-school program.

Gateway Longview is committed to working together to protect, to give hope, and to enrich the lives of every child and family served. 

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About Us

Since 1890, a local church community responded to the needs of children and families in our region.  Upon founding an orphanage known as the Deaconess Home of the Methodist Episcopal Church, a tradition of ministry was begun.  This organization was later joined by a similar agency, also founded by caring Christians and known as the Protestant Home of Unprotected Children.  Today, Gateway Longview continues our rich heritage of holistically caring for the needs of young people and their families by providing a spectrum of highly specialized care and treatment programs.


Gateway Longview Foundation

The Gateway-Longview Foundation manages all agency investments, gifts in kind donations, cash donations, planned legacy giving, grant writing, fundraising events, marketing and public relations including agency website and social media.

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