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Center For Youth Development

As older youth age out of residential facilities and the foster care system, Gateway Longview’s Center for Youth Development helps guide a transition to living independently. The Center for Youth Development is a secure, handicap accessible facility. Located in Buffalo’s East Side Community, it is a dynamic collaboration with the Lt. Col. Matt Urban Center.


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Youth enrolled in the program can work step-by-step with a social worker to successfully prepare for living on their own in the community at age 21.

​Supervisory social work staff encourage and facilitate skill building for:

  • Educational and vocational services

  • Budgeting and money management

  • Housekeeping and personal hygiene

  • Nutrition and healthy eating

  • Resume building and employment finding

  • Healthy relationships and parenting skills

  • Emotional, physical, and spiritual upkeep



With a comprehensive, holistic approach to enhancing all aspects of personal well-being, staff utilize the Casey Life Skills curriculum with youth in care. Initial and routine assessments, skill inventories and career aptitude tests are provided. Therapeutic support and crisis intervention is available 24-hours per day, seven days per week.

For more information or to make a referral, for a youth in need of assistance, please call 716.381.1433.

Fostering opportunities and working toward independent living for young adults in our community.

Supervised Independent Living Program

Designed to meet the needs of young adults ages 17-21, Gateway Longview's Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP) offers a safe and welcoming living environment with counseling staff who are invested in long-term self-sufficiency. Candidates for the program should be ready for a transition out of foster care to independent living and must be engaged in an educational or vocational program, or be employed full-time.

Once enrolled, youth receive individual therapeutic services and a psychiatric assessment. Additionally, each resident has the option to participate in on-site treatment, counseling services, and medication management as needed

Parent | Child SILP is designed to teach young parents self-sufficiency, parenting techniques, and how to provide a safe and healthy home for their child(ren).

Gateway Longview operates twelve apartments at The Center for Youth Development. Each one is modern and fully furnished. Youth
share the units with a roommate. The building's media center offers a private and comfortable work environment often used for job searches, resume building and research. There is a fitness center which provides a safe exercise area that helps youth maintain a healthy lifestyle and relieve stress. The recreation room supports opportunities for meetings, social gatherings, and other celebrations. There is also ample space for youth support groups and training sessions.

Youth Engagement Services / Independent Services

Youth Engagement Services and Independent Living (YES | IL) is for youth age 14-21 who need additional supports to achieve self-sufficiency in the community. Participants are either residing in, discharged from, or are pending a transition out of foster care.


Support is offered to help each youth obtain housing and educational opportunities, seek and retain employment, manage family dynamics, and conquer other difficult life challenges.

Within this program, each youth is offered help with:

  • Obtaining housing and exploring educational opportunities

  • Seeking and retaining employment

  • Managing family dynamics

  • Conquering various difficult life challenges

For more information or to make a referral, for a youth in need of assistance, please call 716.381.1433.

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Residential Treatment

Gateway Longview's Residential Treatment Services supports youth age 11-21. We offer care appropriately addressing needs of youth with specialized treatment plans that excel within structured environments or those who can benefit from immediate stability via individualized structure.


Approach To Care

At Gateway Longview, we believe that a solution-focused, trauma-informed care approach has the ability to strengthen the knowledge, competencies, skill sets, and engagement as we work with individuals impacted by trauma. We ensure that all services are client driven with access to early screening and comprehensive assessments.

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