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Education Services

Gateway Longview’s Lynde School offers specialized educational services for youth residing on our campus and for up to 114 students ages 5 to 21 who come to us for school during the day.


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Students enrolled thrive best within a high degree of structure, with individualized attention, and with supportive services. Students who attend our day program are referred to Lynde School by their home school district, who initiates an Individual Education Protocol, or IEP.


All students receive highly-structured, individualized academic instruction in self-contained classrooms with up to six students with one certified teacher and one aide.

Lynde K-12 School

The program seeks to enable students to expand their sense of responsibility, improve their self-control, and enhance their abilities to form and maintain appropriate relationships with peers and adults while increasing their academic abilities. Our goal is for each child to learn the skills necessary to transition to a traditional classroom, or to graduate from high school. Gateway Longview’s Lynde School is on our Main Street Campus, in Williamsville, NY. Our program offers transportation from school districts, a hot lunch program including daily breakfast, and family engagement with school social workers. Additionally, extra curricular activities, such as reading clubs, student council, tutoring, etc., are encouraged to enhance both academic and social/emotional skill development.

To reach the front desk of the Lynde School contact 716.783.3100 ext. 3236

Services Offered To All Students

  •  A 12-month, 215 school day schedule based on the Williamsville Central School District calendar

  • Individual and group counseling on weekly basis

  • Educational and support groups for parents and caregivers

  • Our academic curriculum is designed to meet or exceed the guidelines and expectations of the New York State Department of Education

  • Extracurricular and after-school programs, etc.

  • Life and job readiness training, as well as vocational training, for students ages 14 and older

  • Speech, occupational and physical therapy are available

  • Community outings, athletics, special events and family outings, take place regularly

  • Planning and transitioning support for the student deemed ready to return to their home school district is provided

We believe in building on a sense of responsibility while working together toward academic goals.

Therapeutic Preschool

Every child deserves a quality education, a safe place to learn and grow, and to be surrounded by people who care.

Gateway Longview's Therapeutic Preschool and Kindergarten specialize in early intervention programs for young learners. Six classrooms serve toddlers and children ages 3 to 6. Students are referred to our program by their home school district.


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Evidence-based teaching focuses on creative play and social learning. Parent resources and family support also helps students reach their full potential. Small classrooms offer structure and personal attention in nurturing spaces.

Young male child looking at a picture

Through a team approach, needs are discussed by the student’s family, teachers and social workers. Working together, we create a plan that builds on the child’s strengths.  Progress toward goals are evaluated throughout the year and parent engagement is encouraged through special activity days, conferences, and home visits.​

To reach the front desk of the Therapeutic Preschool call 716.783.3136

Therapeutic Preschool And Kindergarten Offerings

  • 12-month, 215 school day schedule

  • Classrooms of 6 students to 1 teacher and 1 teacher-aide

  • Certified, accredited and fully licensed staff lead each child - the majority of our staff have been with us for 10+ years!

  • Speech, occupational, and physical therapy available onsite based on individual needs

  • Health and medical care coordination available

  • Parent support through special activity days, conferences, and home visits and case management services

  • Counseling, training, and support for families in individual and group settings

  • Transportation may be available

  • Discharge Planning includes school district visits, advising parents of community resources, and assisting parents in the transfer of effective individual treatment plans to the child’s new educational setting.


Throughout the year, we utilize various curriculum approaches with each student and family. Our evidence-based social skills curriculum is based on the Incredible Years curriculum. Students engage with Dina Dinosaur to promote social skills, self-regulation, and classroom behavior. The Incredible Years Classroom Behavior Management Curriculum fosters teachers' proactive classroom management skills and enhances daily learning. The Incredible Years Preschool Parenting Program is also used with families and caregivers, as it's designed to strengthen parenting skills and prevent & treat behavior problems in young children.

Our developmental therapy curriculum utilizes Developmental Therapy-Teaching (DTT), which is a well-researched guidance program for teachers, mental health professionals, and parents who are concerned about the education and development of children and youth from early childhood through the teen years.

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Behavioral Health Clinic

Gateway Longview’s Behavioral Health Clinic helps support a rapidly growing need in the community for comprehensive behavioral and mental health services for children and families. Our main clinic is centrally located in downtown Buffalo and we have successfully integrated mental health services into several school districts throughout Western New York. 


Approach To Care

At Gateway Longview, we believe that a solution-focused, trauma-informed care approach has the ability to strengthen the knowledge, competencies, skill sets, and engagement as we work with individuals impacted by trauma. We ensure that all services are client driven with access to early screening and comprehensive assessments.

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