Staff Spotlight: Megan Lowry

Megan Lowry has been a Health Home Care Manager at Gateway Longview since December 2018. Since joining Health Homes, Megan has become a valuable asset to both the team and the members of our program. Megan is quick to offer assistance to her coworkers, sharing resources, leading trainings, and mentoring new Care Managers. Her energetic, person-centered outlook to care management is a recipe for success. Megan is dedicated to her clients, going above and beyond to address needs and provide relevant resources and referrals to help youth and their families to grow and reach their goals.

Megan exemplifies the core values of Gateway Longview on a daily basis, particularly safety and collaboration. She ensures the wellbeing of her clients while working tirelessly with their entire care team to ensure needs are being met appropriately. Several of Megan’s clients have made great strides while in the Health Home program. When asked these families cite Megan’s assistance as a contributing factor to their success. Megan has a skill for supporting her clients, especially older teenagers, helping them to develop independence while instilling the confidence to complete tasks on their own.

Thank you Megan! You are truly #gatewaygreat!

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