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New View Alliance is looking for new Board Members

Thank you for your interest in joining the New View Alliance Board of Trustees! This is an exciting time for us, and a great opportunity for you to help guide the services we provide to over 10,000 children and families throughout Western New York each year.

Dedicated, knowledgeable board members with a diverse range of skills and cultural experience are vital to fulfilling our mission of leading social change through advocacy, collaboration and service to children and families. And now more than ever, we need people at the highest level of agency leadership who can help prioritize, support, and invest in diversity, inclusion, and equity.

New View Alliance and its affiliated agencies are committed to championing the principles of antiracism, justice, and equity. We welcome Board Members from diverse cultures and backgrounds, for all positions, who will uphold our values and contribute to our mission. We aim to have a Board that is reflective of the communities we serve.

Whether it is sharing in efforts to help a child remain at home with their family, placing a child in a loving and stable home, or allowing youth to focus on healing in a residential setting, the rewards are genuine and meaningful.

Who We Are

New View Alliance was created in 2020, to serve as the parent company of two affiliated agencies, Gateway-Longview, Inc., and New Directions Youth & Family Services, Inc. - two agencies with very long histories of service in Western New York. New View Alliance provides both agencies with strategic planning, advocacy and shared administrative support for finance, human resources, information technology and corporate integrity. Together these agencies now have a combined budget of over $50 million, 850 employees, 42 programs and offices in all eight counties of Western New York!

Last year over 10,000 children and families received services including residential care, foster care, therapeutic pre-school, special education, care coordination, community-based services, school-based clinical services and behavioral health clinics.

The New View Alliance Board

The New View Alliance board was created by combining the existing boards of Gateway-Longview and New Directions during the affiliation process, and currently has 17 members. Using the strategy of “mirror boards”, the NVA board now also serves as the board for both affiliated agencies. To maximize efficiency, a single board meeting, held every other month, covers the board’s responsibilities for all three organizations (New View Alliance, Gateway-Longview and New Directions).

These board meetings are 1.5 hours in length and typically include participation by representatives of our staff and the families receiving services. The board has four committees which also meet every other month, including Governance, Finance, Compensation and Compliance. Committee meetings are typically 1 hour in length.

Board Vision

In addition to providing effective, meaningful guidance on the operation of a large organization, a vital part of the board’s mission is to lead social change through advocacy and collaboration, and to share power and decision making with the communities that we serve.

Our goal as a board is to find and recruit people with the expertise, perspectives, and personal network needed to help us achieve these objectives, while providing a meaningful and personally rewarding experience for each board member. In this search, we recognize the value of having members with a diversity of life experiences that will bring new insights and thinking to our discussions and decision-making process. We want to have a Board that is reflective of the communities we serve.

New View Alliance Board of Directors Interest Form: New View Alliance Board Interest Form

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