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Living the Vision: Award Winner Quarter 4 2020

Peggy - Behavior Support Specialist

Peggy began her employment with Gateway-Longview in March 2019 as a Behavior Support Specialist. Peggy has been a source of hope and encouragement for families, and a source of calm for parents and children during these turbulent times. She has helped parents to see the silver lining in their situation and made them laugh when they needed it the most. She hones in on client’s abilities and creatively increases their quality of life and during the pandemic has been able to provide needed donations to lighten the burden on families.

Peggy is consistently a team player with her coworkers and is always willing to collaborate on family needs and brainstorm solutions. She has an amazing spirit that is uplifting and gives encouragement for children to be their best. She lets them know it is okay to make a mistake and gives them the tools they need to help them be successful.

Employees are recognized on a quarterly basis through this peer nominated award for truly going above and beyond in the work they do to protect, to give hope and to enrich the lives of the children and families we serve.

Congratulations Peggy!

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