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Gateway Longview Youth Spotlight

Lola Marie - A Poem by C.

This is me.

I’ve been seen.

I’ve been here and there.

Everyone says treat others with respect.

But when they don’t want to other’s get mad.

I’ve been treated like dirt.

So in wrong I had other’s hurt.

Which I know is morally wrong.

So this time I sing my song.

Loud and clear.

I don’t know if I am able to take my pain into another atmosphere.

I am brave.

I want to be saved.

I am scared.

I have unrepaired relationships.

I am who I am meant to be.

If you don’t like me for me.

Then leave me

I don’t need negativity.

Bring me positivity.

I wish more for me and for you.

I hope that you believe what I am saying is true.

Because all the shine of a thousand spotlight’s will never be enough.

True enough all I need I hope.

Day in and day out.

My heart has been broken, trampled, stabbed and ripped.

I gladly would’ve taken the whipped the Jesus in my hands.

Here alone I stand.

How about I rewrite the stars.

All these broken memoirs are one step front of the other trying to be repaired.

As the devils and demons of this world are staring at me trying to become something of this life.

I’ve seen trouble and strife but I promise this won’t stop me now.

As I say my final goodbyes and farewells to the people of this so-called-earth.

I shall have wished to be rebirthed from now on.

As the sun burns down on this body of mine.

I wish to be to sent to heaven.

So goodbye, farewell, rest in peace.

Every violent and wrong thing I’ve done ceased and be no more.



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