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Gateway Longview Staff Spotlight: Samantha

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Gateway Longview's Staff Spotlight features Gateway Longview employees as recognized by their supervisor for outstanding work. This month's spotlight showcases Samantha Bowes, Care Coordinator at Gateway Longview!

Samantha Bowes has exhibited several successful cross collaborative efforts by working with families that are enrolled in multiple programs at Gateway Longview. Sam’s application of the Wraparound Process, an evidence based process that is family driven, youth guided, and strength based, is completed in a manner in which she always executes excellent service delivery and collaborative efforts within her teams.

Sam’s charismatic, humble, compassionate and empathetic approach to providing services to families and working with other service providers has consistently reflected the Gateway Longview Mission," working to protect, to give hope, and to enrich the lives of every child and family we serve.”

Throughout, the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Samantha remains someone that is dedicated to youth and families. Sam has collaborated to achieve several successful stories and recently one in particular involved collaborations with staff from the Intensive Preventive Program, Health Homes and the Behavioral Health Clinic. She has taken the lead, worked collaboratively and has gone above and beyond to ensure that a youth diagnosed with a chronic illness has the necessary supports, access to medical services, personal care support, education, mental health counseling, medication management and connection to services to support the youth when she enters into adulthood. The youth has shown significant progress in her physical abilities, communication skills, cognitive abilities and increased engagement with all of her providers.

Sam’s efforts have been commended by staff from several entities such as the Erie County Department of Social Services, NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities, New Directions and the Director of Pupil Services at the Cheektowaga Central School District. We would like to thank Sam and the staff from the Intensive Preventive Program, Health Homes and the Behavioral Health Clinic that have worked together to assist the youth and the family while upholding the mission of Gateway Longview.

Thanks for all you do, Samantha!

Written by Ebony Miller

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