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Gateway Longview Staff Spotlight: Marina

Gateway Longview's Staff Spotlight features Gateway Longview employees recognized for outstanding work. This month's spotlight showcases Marina, Parent Trainer at Gateway Longview's Foster Care Services.

GL: 1. What is your title and position?

MI: My title is: Parent Coach.

GL: 1. How long have you been at Gateway Longview?

MI: I’ve been in Gateway 8 years.

GL: What does a typical day look like for you?

MI: I teach classes all day starting at 10:00 am and my last class is at 5:00. I teach Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and one class on Mondays. As you see my day is very busy, however I truly enjoy what I do.

GL: What is your favorite part of working at Gateway Longview OR What is a memorable story you have seen happen at Gateway?

MI: I love working at Gateway because I love to help my parents and see them implement the skills I teach them. I’ve been able to teach and expand because I have a wonderful, wonderful support from my Supervisor Katherine Jacobs, my Director Mathew Veazie and my VP Michelle Federowicz. During these times of working from home they have supported me, listened to me and provided for everything I have needed.

Gateway is a wonderful place to work because we are a team and we support each other. I have seen it not only from my Supervisors, but also from my co-workers. They have been there ready to help with whatever I need and for this I’m most grateful.

To learn more about Foster Care and Adoption services, visit our program page here.

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