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Gateway Longview Staff Spotlight: Emilie

Gateway Longview's Staff Spotlight features Gateway Longview employees recognized for outstanding work. This month's spotlight showcases Emilie, a Recruiter at Gateway Longview's Foster Care Services.

How long have you been at Gateway Longview?

I began working at Gateway in 2013. I was also a vendor, per diem foster care worker, and foster care case planner here prior to my current position!

What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no such thing as a typical day in this position, which is part of the reason that I love it. I am constantly attending meetings, court hearings, visiting youth, introducing them to potential adoptive families, etc. My position is flexible and allows me to creatively fill my time with whatever will best serve the youth that I work with and help them achieve permanency.

What is your favorite part of working at Gateway Longview OR What is a memorable story you have?

My favorite part of working at Gateway is seeing the impact that one committed worker can have on a youth’s life. I know that every part of my job, no matter how big or small, can literally change the course of a youth’s future. I have had previous clients reach out to me to let me know of their current successes, and it warms my heart to hear that they are doing well and that they know I will celebrate their victories with them.

In my current position I also help youth that have been in foster care for longer periods of time find adoptive homes, and introducing a child to their new forever family is an honor that I can’t even begin to describe!

To learn more about Foster Care and Adoption services, visit our program page here.

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