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Press Release: Gateway Longview Celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month

Buffalo, NY – Gateway Longview, a community leader in foster care and adoption, is excited to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month this November. In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of adoption, Gateway Longview will be highlighting adoptive families and their success stories all month long across their digital platforms. In the last year alone, Gateway Longview has facilitated 23 adoptions through the Gateway Longview Foster Care and Adoption program.

“Each day, nearly 1,000 children in Erie County alone are part of the foster care system,” said Michelle Federowicz Cope, Vice President of Foster Care and Residential Services for Gateway Longview. “Throughout the month of November, Gateway Longview is highlighting the vital impact adoption has had on children across Western New York.”

Since 1904, when Gateway Longview took in their first child, foster care and fostering to adopt has been a priority in Gateway Longview’s vision for the community. Since then, Gateway Longview has facilitated countless adoptions and family reunions. On the first Tuesday of each month, Gateway Longview hosts orientations for prospective parents to learn more about the process and requirements needed to grow or start their family through adoption.

“Each child needs to feel loved, safe, valued and capable of great achievements,” said Carolyne DeFranco, President & CEO of Gateway Longview, who is also a foster and adoptive mother. “We believe in the power of adoption and the impact it can have on the development and potential of a child.”

Gateway Longview has many families and expert staff available to speak on the process and experience of adoption. For interviews or more information regarding National Adoption Month, please contact Gary Rouleau at or 716.783.3220.

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