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Celebrating International Indigenous Day

On August 9th we celebrate International Indigenous Day to promote and protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples around the world. This date hold significance as it marks the inaugural session of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations meeting in Geneva in 1982.

The theme for this year: The role of indigenous women in the preservation and transmission of traditional knowledge

"Indigenous women are the backbone of indigenous peoples’ communities and play a crucial role in the preservation and transmission of traditional ancestral knowledge. They have an integral collective and community role as carers of natural resources and keepers of scientific knowledge. Many indigenous women are also taking the lead in the defense of indigenous peoples’ lands and territories and advocating for indigenous peoples’ collective rights worldwide." - The United Nations

Did you know?:

  • Globally, 47% of all indigenous peoples in employment have no education, compared to 17% of their non-indigenous counterparts. This gap is even wider for women.

  • More than 86% of indigenous peoples globally work in the informal economy, compared to 66% of their non-indigenous counterparts

  • Indigenous peoples are nearly three times as likely to be living in extreme poverty compared to their non-indigenous counterparts.

  • The "Fight Racism" campaign offers a section dedicated to indigenous communities which highlights an account of the problem of discrimination against indigenous peoples. They also offer a photo exhibition and a free course

Find out more about the role of Indigenous women and how you can celebrate International Indigenous Day at:

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