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Behavioral Health Clinic Celebrates Success Stories

Gateway Longview's Behavioral Health Clinic strives to protect, enrich and give hope to every child they work with. With clinics in over 30 school districts across WNY, here are just a few successes from the last few months, told by our Behavioral Health staff.

Success Story From South Park High School: "I was fortunate enough to work with one particular student at South Park High School. This student came to me due to constant suspensions, fights and skipping school. Since beginning our work together back in November 2018, she has done a complete 180. Her suspensions have significantly decreased, her attendance has improved, she barely misses any classes now, and she even went as far as improving her grades to the point where she did not have to attend summer school. She has complete changed her mind set and has become more focused on school and removing herself from drama. She has made remarkable progress on her counseling goals and could possibly be successfully discharged this school year."

Success Story from Houghton Academy: "I have had the privilege of being the Mental Health Clinician at Houghton Academy for the past 3 years. Every year I am truly amazed by the growth and change my resilient clients make. This past school year one particular child stands out to me. This child was referred to me in the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year and was presenting with suicidal ideations as well as self-harm. In school, learning was a struggle for this child. This child also struggled with bullying and friendships. In therapy this child worked on positive coping skills and positive alternatives to self-harm. In therapy, this child also explored what they look for in a friendship and ways to be more successful in school. By the end of the school year, this child no longer presented with suicidal ideations and no longer self-harmed. This child also became an honor roll student and student of the month. This child was also able to identify 2 new friends and no longer felt like they were getting bullied in school."

Success Story from Community School #53: "I have also had the pleasure of being the Metal Health Clinician at BPS53 for the past 3 years. This past school year one client in particular showed a tremendous amount of growth. This child was referred to me in the beginning of the school year because of their behaviors in school. This child was not engaged in school work. They were often running around the halls and throughout the building. In therapy, this child was able to work on focusing skills and techniques to help be more successful in the classroom. By the end of the school year, this child’s grades improved, their peer relationships improved and their overall behaviors had significantly improved."

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