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Adopt An Angel Provides Christmas Dinner For Family

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Gateway Longview’s Adopt-an-Angel program provides Christmas gifts for children and families in our care. Each year, the donors that participate in Adopt An Angel give the gift of hope to children, teenagers, and young adults and their families in need during the holiday season. Every wish list has a story. This year, Clinical Supervisor Amy D. shares a story from one of those gifts.

"I work with a 19 year old girl who has always participated in Adopt An Angel due to ongoing family and housing issues. This year was no different. She had asked for a new coat primarily, and received so much more from our generous community donors!

Upon opening her gift, she received a thick warm winter coat, sweaters and books. The part that touched my heart the most was she also received a Tops gift card. She responded saying, “Wow this is awesome, money has been really tight this month so we weren’t going to do Christmas dinner. Now I can buy a nice dinner for our family. My mom is going to cry."

Thank you for helping us this holiday. It was beautiful and I am just so grateful for our donors especially during this difficult year."

Amy D.

Clinical Supervisor

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