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Joint Statement On Recent Events

Our organization was created, and continues to be driven by, the needs of the communities in which we live and serve. Tragically, what we have seen is that far too often, and for far too long, the need for equal justice and opportunity within these communities has gone unmet.

Today, we are witnessing the result of this – violence, tragedy and an aching grief for what has been lost.We recognize that as a vital member of these communities, we have a responsibility to address and respond to these needs with the urgency, dedication and resources that the situation demands.

To begin, we need to ensure that our own organization is on solid ground when we take a stand for justice and equality. If an honest, open and thorough examination finds anything that can be improved, then we must, and will, act on that. We will listen, and those who speak will be heard.

To the thousands of children and families who come to us for support each day, we pledge to continue providing the highest quality education and therapeutic services possible so that each individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential, and to overcome the personal challenges they must face to live happy, successful lives.

And finally, we will continue to use whatever means possible to support the victims of injustice and inequality, fighting against inhumane systems and policies which serve to oppress and deny people of their fundamental rights.

As an organization and a society, we have a choice about the path we will take going forward. And even though the fog of anger and grief is all around us, we can see that our choice must be to stand with the victims, provide needed support, and help drive meaningful changes within our communities.

Jim Coder, CEO

New Directions Youth and Family Services

Carolyne DeFranco, President & CEO

Gateway Longview

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