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Gateway Longview Employee Spotlight: Martin

As part of Child Welfare Appreciation Month, Gateway Longview is spotlighting our Youth Care Professionals and all they do to support the Gateway Longview youth across our campuses. Today we are spotlighting Martin, a Residential Supervisor, and talking about what he enjoys about his work.

GL: What is your title and position?

M: I am currently a Residential Supervisor.

GL: How long have you been at Gateway Longview?

M: I have been at Gateway for 3 years.

GL: What does a typical day look like for you?

M: When I arrive on the Gateway campus I will make my way to every building in order to ensure both the children and staff feel supported. I try to interact with the kids as much as possible as they are the main reason we are here.

I also interact with all of the staff within the wings as much as I can as I find when staff feel supported it improves morale and helps staff better assist the youth through the CAB program.

GL: What is your favorite part of working at Gateway Longview or a memorable story you have seen happen at Gateway?

My favorite part of working with Gateway Longview is being able to watch the youth grow within the CAB program. When a youth is set for discharge he/she tends to look back and see where he started compared to how far he/she has come.

Being able to help a youth reach their potential and watch them succeed with minimal assistance in the end is easily one of my favorite parts of working within this agency.

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