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Foster Care Staff Goes The Extra Mile For Family On Thanksgiving

The COVID pandemic and change of pace has been trying for all the families and staff, but today I have the opportunity to share the great work our staff do! How they go above and beyond, without the ask or need for recognition.

Foster Care Supervisor Katharine Jacobs got a text around 2:30pm asking if we had any resources for turkeys. She responded by saying she was unsure but would look into it. Before she could do this, the next text she received was from Foster Care Case Worker, Miranda. It said: “ok I’m going to wegs”

Miranda learned that one of her foster parents didn’t have a turkey for Thanksgiving and didn’t have extra money to spend on one. When she found this out, she didn’t skip a beat and ran to Wegmans where she purchased a turkey, potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls, stuffing, cranberry and of course, pie! She took the food over to the family where the foster mom was brought to tears… which led Miranda to shedding a few of her own.

THANK YOU Miranda, for making sure this family would have full tummies on Thanksgiving, for making sure the family feels loved and supported by their worker and for reminding all of us THIS is why we went into this field many years ago!

I am thankful for all of you and for all you do for our families each and every day to help Protect, Enrich and Give Hope!

Michelle Federowicz-Cope, MSW

VP of Foster Care & Residential Services

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