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Foster Care Month: Enrich Award

2023 Enrich Award: April LoTempio

If there was one word to describe April LoTempio’s foster care experience since welcoming a child into her home last October, that word would be “enriching”. From the very beginning stages of meeting him and setting up visits, April was thoughtful in her approach and always thinking of what would be best for him. In the midst of his many appointments with counselors and specialists, maintaining a daily schedule, and attending school and agency meetings, April persists in her commitment to providing him with activities and opportunities for development.

Karate, football, ice skating, snowboarding, roller skating, the YMCA, youth programs at her church, family events, and vacations are just some of the opportunities April has provided. April has worked hard to ensure that he has been able to engage in all of these programs. But she is not just keeping this energetic boy busy, she has been purposeful to enroll him in programs that will help him grow, by building social skills and learning to build attachments in order to make friends and feel connected in the community. She has made efforts to establish male mentors in his life that can help his development as he grows into a young man. She has been diligent about ensuring his engagement in services and his school placement to ensure that he is getting the greatest benefit that he can from them. April has also maintained his connections to his biological family members and his previous foster placements. April is planful for his future and mindful of his day-to-day needs in order to create the best environment and life that she can for him. The ways that April has enriched the life of this child may not be fully realized for years to come, but one thing is for sure, April’s life has also been enriched by this young man becoming a part of her home. Gateway-Longview is very happy to present the Enrich Award to April Lotempio.

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