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Help to Make a Difference in the Lives of Over 5,000
WNY Families

Your support on Giving Tuesday provides the youth and families in our programs with items that are not funded through program budgets. Every year Gateway Longview relies on your generous support to purchase these critically needed items.

Below are examples of the items we can purchase through your donation. Help us go above and beyond and enable us to continue to protect, to give hope and to enrich the lives of the youth and families we serve!

November 28th

Giving Tuesday starts

Therapeutic & Recreation

$25 - $50 Gift Provides:

  • Cover a youth’s admission on a supervised field trip – movie ticket, bowling, admission to Buffalo Zoo or Buffalo Science Museum in our Education, Residential Treatment and Visitation programs

  • Hygiene products for youth enrolled in Residential Treatment and Foster Care programs

$50 - $100 Gift Provides:

  • PE equipment and sensory toys for therapeutic activities & recreation for students enrolled in our Lynde Day School and Therapeutic Pre-school

  • Therapy Supplies – (coloring books, mindfulness journals, kinetic sand, weighted blankets) for youth enrolled in our Behavioral Health and Community-based programs


Household Items & Family Resource Funds

$100 - $250 Gift Provides:

  • Apartment items for older youth in the Supervised Independent Living Program – pots and pans, sheet and comforter sets, small appliances, etc.

  • Funds available for the Family Resource Fund in our Preventive and Community-based programs to help support families that are in need of household items, school uniforms and supplies for their children, as well gift cards for gas or groceries

$250 - $500 Gift Provides:

  • A car seat for youth in Foster Care and Community-based Programs

  • 5 backpacks filled with school supplies (pens/pencils, folders, markers) for youth in our Health Homes program


Parent Resources & Support

$500 & Above Gift Provides:

  • Funds to conduct Parent Training groups across all programs (supplies/materials and food)

  • Funds for an annual Foster Care Banquet to honor and thank our Foster Care & Adoption parents

Our Mission

Gateway Longview offers comprehensive Foster Care & Adoption Services to support families in the Buffalo, NY area and throughout Erie County, as well as Residential Treatment & Care Services that works with at-risk youth ages 11-21 struggling with behavioral, social and emotional challenges.

Gateway Longview serves children and families of varied race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status. Children in care range from birth to age 21 and commonly struggle with social, emotional, developmental and behavioral challenges. Gateway  Longview believes that a trauma-informed care approach has the ability to strengthen the knowledge, competencies, skill sets, and engagement as we work with individuals impacted by trauma.


Gateway Longview is committed to the display of honest, ethical behavior in all interactions and are driven by core values of Integrity, Safety, Empowerment, Diversity and Collaboration. Gateway Longview’s continuum of care includes: behavioral health clinics, foster care and adoption, therapeutic supervised visitation, home-based preventive services, supervised independent living programs, a K-12 day school and a therapeutic pre-school program.

Gateway Longview is committed to working together to protect, to give hope, and to enrich the lives of every child and family served. 

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