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Thank You: A letter from a departing student.

Many of you may remember Christian, a Gateway Longview youth with a passion for poetry, and whose work we featured online back in April. As Christian starts a new journey, he shares his thoughts on the impact Gateway Longview has made on his life.

To all Gateway Longview YCP’S, Supervisors and Social Workers.

You all most likely heard the news that this is my last few days residing at the Gateway facility. You all have made my experience a memorable one, even though at first there were many ups and downs, I have learned from my downs and made many successful ups.

To Mrs. Joanna

I hope you took pride in being my social worker because I took pride in being your client. For the short time that we knew each other we got a lot done and covered. We both made each other laugh and we both learned from each other, I hope you will always remember these moments Thank you.

To Mr. Chuck

It takes a lot of patience and wisdom to help troubled teens but you have done it to me and I have and I thank you mightily. There is no one whom I have known who has as much patience as you!

When you see fixing, you give just enough proper correction and then you let them do the rest. You were tough on me for a reason. That reason was because i thought I was entitled to everything. You showed me that I don’t deserve everything, just what I need. A man like you deserves an award, I don’t have one but God will have one for you.

I can't say thank you enough because I don’t know how, you know more than me.

You've seen a lot more than me.

The death of you four kids was heartbreaking but we’re YOUR kids here at this campus. You have been a very great important man in my life

As you say “MY MAN”




Thanks for all the red zones, all the restraints and all the constant struggling

Cause without it I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t without all of you


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