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Growing family provides foster care for decades

After two decades of fostering and going on 4 adoptions later, the Pache Family continues to foster children in need


Over two decades ago, Tina & Kenneth Pache began providing a nurturing home, care, and support to children in need of foster care. Unable to have children of their own, foster care gave them an opportunity to open their hearts and homes to children in need. Foster care is the temporary care of children when the courts have removed them from their families due to an imminent risk of harm.

Eventually, the Paches expanded their family by adopting two young boys, biological brothers, now 25 and 28. Tina & Kenneth took some time to raise their two boys before deciding to provide foster care for more children.

Their journey to Gateway-Longview’s Foster Care & Adoption Program was a bit unconventional. The Paches originally fostered with another local agency, but were one of many families forced to choose a new foster care agency when they abruptly closed in 2010. At that time, the Paches were given only 30 days to choose a new agency to handle their foster care services. They were given a choice between a few agencies, and Gateway-Longview was one of them.

“We heard positive things about Gateway from our friends and other foster parents,” Tina said when asked why they decided to work with Gateway-Longview. “We trusted the staff and the organization felt like a family to us,” she added.

At Gateway-Longview, the objective of our Foster Care & Adoption Program is to provide safe, nurturing foster homes with the goal of developing safety, hope, healing, and growth in our children and families. The fact is, due to no fault of their own, hundreds of children in our community are removed from their families because they are unable to care for them or keep them safe. The Paches ended up fostering four more children that were, fortunately, able to return to their birth families after they received the assistance they needed.

Three-year-old Nevaeh is one of the lucky ones that has been in the Paches’ foster care since she was two days old. “We considered her ours since day one,” Tina said. The Paches picked up Nevaeh from the hospital when she was two days old and were hopeful she would eventually become a permanent part of their family.

On August 21, in a moving ceremony performed by Hon. Margaret Szczur, Kenneth and Tina Pache officially adopted Nevaeh in front of a small yet delighted crowd of family, friends, and staff from Gateway and Erie County.

“She is the daughter we always wanted,” Tina confessed just before the adoption ceremony.

Now a happy family of three, the Paches are also in the process of adopting their 19 month old foster son, Reese. Even after more than two decades of fostering and three (almost four!) adoptions, the Paches said they will continue to foster more children.

“We know how great the ever-growing need is for more foster families,” Tina explained. They know there will always be children in need of safety, hope, and healing until their family gets the help it needs. And the Paches look forward to providing that safe-haven for years to come.

Update: The Pache family excitedly welcomed their son, Reese, to their family on New Year’s Eve, which also happened to be his 2nd birthday. It will be a very happy New Year for this wonderful family!