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Greenhouse Instructor

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Gateway-Longview is hiring a Part-Time (20hrs/week) Greenhouse Instructor to coordinate with teachers to provide Botany instruction to students of the Lynde School and provide upkeep of Lynde School Greenhouse and other locations of the Lynde School that house plants derived from the Greenhouse.  This position will also:

  1. Provide lessons to students on topics of Botany, Agriculture, and Horticulture as needed.
  2. Ensure safety of Greenhouse area and individuals in and around Greenhouse area through prevention of safety concerns.
  3. Maintain and foster plant life in the Greenhouse through regular watering and trimming of all plants.
  4. Offer tours of the Greenhouse to students, parents, and guests of the Lynde School
  5. Supervise students assisting in upkeep of the Greenhouse and caring for plant life as needed.
  6. Collaborate with Recreation Department to facilitate learning and development of Environmental Engineers inside and outside of the Lynde School as well as in landscaping during summer school session.
  7. Purchase and maintain appropriate materials and supplies needed for effective upkeep of the Greenhouse.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture or related field or equivalent experience.
  2. Ability to work effectively with clients, families, staff and community contacts from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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