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Behavioral Health Clinic Gets Boost from Community Foundation

Partnership between Gateway-Longview’s Behavioral Health Clinic and
Western New York Public Schools Gets a Boost from Community Foundation

$11,200 Grant Award Helps Program Expand in Collaboration with Say Yes Buffalo


Gateway-Longview Behavioral Health Clinic announces a recent grant award of $11,200 from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. The funds will be used to cover critical start-up costs for expanding the Clinic into three additional Buffalo Public Schools and to implement reporting from Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

“We have had a tremendous welcoming by public schools throughout Western New York,” said Kristy D’Angelo, Director of Behavioral Health and Community Support Services for Gateway-Longview. “We were finding that youth often don’t get the critical counseling services they desperately need because they can’t get to an office, especially during the week. Through this partnership, we come to them, and we are seeing the positive impact in so many ways.”

Gateway-Longview’s Behavioral Health Clinic is an outpatient program providing individual, group, and family counseling & psychiatry services to children and families with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges in Erie County. Since establishing the main facility at 10 Symphony Circle in 2012, the Clinic has successfully integrated mental health services into eight school districts throughout Erie County. Satellite locations offer services to students in a private, clinic-like setting, ensuring appropriate resources are there when students need them most.

By the start of the 2015-2016 school year, the Clinic plans to be in a total of sixteen schools, spanning elementary, middle and high school sites. Within the Buffalo Public School District, services are currently operating in South Park High School, Health Sciences Charter School, Enterprise Charter School, Frederick Law Olmsted BPS #156, Charter School for Applied Technology, McKinley High School, Highgate Heights, and Tapestry Charter School. In partnership with the widely successful Say Yes to Education Buffalo program, Gateway-Longview and other non-profit agencies are working toward incorporating services into all Buffalo Public Schools within the next two to three years.

As part of the agreement with each school, Gateway-Longview provides licensed mental health clinicians free of charge to the school district. Clinicians are available onsite for students one to two days per week. Services are covered by insurance and the school’s only obligation is in providing a safe, private office for sessions. To see a full list of schools utilizing Behavioral Health Clinic services, visit

Support from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo ensures students succeed not only academically, but emotionally and behaviorally as well. In addition, the upgraded EMR system will improve administrative efficiencies and enhance record keeping to a level that is on pace with local hospitals and doctors’ offices.